Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Milton, Pennsylvania

A member of the Milton Lutheran Parish

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Mission Statement:  We are called by God to follow Christís example and teachings through worshipping, witnessing, learning, supporting one another and reaching out to others. 

Vision Statement:  Christ Lutheran Church will be a congregation of strong personal relationships between members.  We will continue to serve our community and reach out to our neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Photo Gallery

Milton Lutheran Parish Joint Service and Potluck November 2017
Bible School 2017
Bible School 2014
Bible School 2012
Souper Bowl 2010
"Rainforest Adventure" VBS 08 Pictures
Easter Egg Hunt 08 Gallery
Youth Weekend 08 Gallery
Souper Bowl of Caring 08 Gallery
All Saint's Sunday 07 Gallery
Hayride 07 Gallery

Confirmation and Youth Sunday 07 Gallery
Goodbye Party for Linda Shipman Gallery
Youth Pizza Party 2007 Gallery
Palm and Easter Sunday 2007 Gallery

Girl Scout Sunday 2007 Gallery
Meet Our New Organist Gallery
Our Youth at Work Gallery

Youth McDonald's Event 2007 Gallery
Youth Winter BBQ 2007 at the Grays Gallery

Leadership Retreat 2007 Gallery
Sleepover 2007  Gallery
Bell Choir Gallery
Christmas Eve 2006 Gallery
Advent 2006 Gallery
Catequiz'em Sunday Gallery
Missionaries Jim and Karen Noss Gallery
Mission Trip to Pascagoula, Mississippi 2006 Gallery
New Sign Construction Pictures
Easter Egg Hunt 2006 Gallery
Everybody Birthday Party 2006 Gallery
Sleepover 2006  Gallery
2005 Advent Pageant Gallery
Sunday School Gallery
Choir Gallery
Special Collections Gallery
Pastor Pat's Installation Gallery
The People at CLC Gallery



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