Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, Milton, Pennsylvania

A member of the Milton Lutheran Parish

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Mission Statement:  We are called by God to follow Christís example and teachings through worshipping, witnessing, learning, supporting one another and reaching out to others. 

Vision Statement:  Christ Lutheran Church will be a congregation of strong personal relationships between members.  We will continue to serve our community and reach out to our neighbors with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Sunday, December 30
First Sunday of Christmas
Joint Service at Trinity
9:30 am

Tuesday, January 1
New Year's Day

Office Closed

Wednesday, January 2
Quiet Communion 3 pm at Christ
Choir Practice at 6:30 pm at Christ
Bell Choir Practice at 6:15 at Trinity

Sunday, January 6
Epiphany of Our Lord
Joint Service at Christ
9:30 am

worship participants at Christ Lutheran (January 2019)
updated:  11/28/18


Milton Lutheran Parish Joint Worship Service Schedule 2019
Joint Services begin at 9:30 a.m.

January 6 - Christ 
February 3 - Trinity 
March 3 - Christ 
March 31 - Trinity 
April 7 - Christ 
May 5 - Trinity 
June 2 - Christ 
June 30 - Trinity 
July 7 - Christ 
August 4 - Trinity 
September 1 - Christ 
September 29 - Trinity 
October 6 - Christ 
November 3 - Trinity 
December 1 - Christ 
December 29 - Trinity



1125 Mahoning Street ~ Milton, PA  17847
Phone:  570-742-7473
Fax:  570-742-7335

Christ Lutheran Office Hours:  Monday to Friday ~ Noon to 3:30 pm
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